You can calculate your monthly mortgage payments using the loan amount over a specific loan term and interest rate.

Use the form below to see how much your monthly loan payment will be.

  • Enter an interest rate
  • Enter the number of payments you expect to make.                                A 15 year mortgage is (15x12) = 180 payments                                         A 20 year mortgage is (20x12) = 240 payments                                        A 30 year mortgage is (30x12) = 360 payments
  • Enter the amount you plan to borrow, your loan amount and then click Calculate. Your monthly payment will be displayed in the box.

Interest Rate:


Enter in decimal format (6.5 or 7.25)

Total Number of Payments: (15 x 12 = 180) or (30 x 12 = 360)

Loan Amount: $


Monthly Payment: $

         When you are finished simply close this window.